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I'll kill you!

I hate everyone.

I hate myself the most.

I don't want to die.

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DAY 039

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[Its impossible for Seviilia not to tune into the immense turmoil raging through the Nest link. She sits, perched like a bird of paradise soaking up the sun as it carries and carries and carries.

Always there, a distant chill. But she doesn't interrupt. Her broodmate clearly has her under control -- or as much as she can be controlled. In that, the Death Knight feels some sort of twisted kinship.

Interesting, that the center of her hatred focuses on Misato -- the woman she remembers from so early in her wakening on the Station.]

( Do you want to kill her, little one? )
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( I am hundreds of years old. To me, everyone is little. )

[But that is neither here nor there.]

( At the cost of hurting others? Does that prospect trouble you? )

[Misato is one of Shepard's. Her interests in this are somewhat conflicted.]
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( You will need to, if you want to get to her. That is the consequence of this connection. Her broodmates will be driven to protect her. )

[And others, but that goes unsaid.]

( But, that can work in your favor. With whom do you share a brood? Have you discovered? )

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coma drama

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[It's only hours after that strange moment with Asuka in the dining area that it happens. A sudden shock, and then an acute sense of loss, like an injury that took a while to register. He has to brace himself against the wall with how much it makes him reel.

Ever since he awoke on this station, there had been a constant, almost comforting buzz behind the din of the others' minds. It wasn't until he met Adra that he realized it was the presence of his "brood," and it wasn't until Asuka that he realized what that kind of connection to another's mind could mean.

Now one of them was snuffed out. One he'd never even met, but he's still overcome with a kind of grief he hasn't felt since he woke up with his left forearm gone.

He thinks of Asuka as soon as he starts to recover. The girl is fragile enough as it is; who knows what kind of effect this could have on her.

It's something he's never done before, reaching out to a specific person from a distance. But it feels somehow natural.]

( Asuka. Did you feel that? )
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[He doesn't want to think about the specifics, have to actually articulate what he's feeling. He's calming down some, but the idea of feeling out the source of it all for more detail is making him shy away, like he's trying to touch an open wound.]

( I'm not sure. I think...

I think one of ours is gone. One from our brood.
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DAY :041

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[ It takes massive control, surely, for Misato to be able to make this sound so mundane. Perhaps the most audacious and radical act is to neither avoid nor avenge. Love thy enemies, is it? But the girl's no enemy. She's just that, a girl. ]

( Asuka. How are you settling in? )
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( I don't know if I care about you the way you want me to. )

[ She repeats the words to herself in multiple variations after the fact, still wondering which is best, certainty or honest uncertainty? The way you need me to or the way I should. Necessity or duty? Or should it have been, I care about you in my own way? She isn't even sure if that would be a lie. ]

( You survived. That says a lot about you. I think you should know. But I'm not giving up on the rest of them either. )
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[ Her little experimental family was a failure, that's for sure. So this isn't her second attempt, no. This is something else, or so she tells herself. This time will be different. ]

( I haven't given up on you. )

[ She doesn't fully understand the circumstances that led to Asuka's battle with the mass series, but even if she did, defending her own choices and actions, let alone apologizing for them, would only leave a bad taste in her mouth. It is what it is. Asuka's here, and she's still counting on the girl, so that matters, right? There's something like an inhale, a bracing for something difficult. ]

( Are we going to talk about Shinji all day? Or do you want to help me find a way to foil the old men's plans? )

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Day :042

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[ Aloy is still getting used to this. Still unsure. But she's worried for the girl she met, worried for her pain and her anger and the pent up suffering that she can feel roiling beneath the surface. Even if they're not 'brood,' her sympathy tugs her towards the younger girl. ]

( Asuka, it's Aloy. How's your cheek? )
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[ Aloy lets out a mental breath. She had been worried that Asuka wouldn't reply. ]

( I was curious. And I wanted to make sure you're alright. )
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[ Aloy is quiet for a moment. Now what? ]

( Glad to hear that you're doing alright. )

[ There's a fidgety sense of uncertainty. ]

( How are you uh, getting used to this place? )

[ Talking to teenagers is hard. ]

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[Nyx is still trying to work out how to politely interfere someone's headspace. The operative word being politely.

What he's been doing, as of late, is following the links with his mind, with a massive white coeurl just hovering at the edge, piercing blue eyes and warmth, laced with a contained ferocity. It's his own way of announcing himself, in some concrete sense.

It's his detachment personified. A second level of protection he could weave into and out of without needing to have barriers. It's how he's managing to stay afloat despite the yawning canyon the beast keeps circling back to, now that Annie and Annabeth are gone.]

( Got a minute? )

[He's still just at the edge, waiting to stay or to go.]
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( You do or you don't, Asuka. )

[His own purples, with its warmth and rough edges, stay their boundaries, though he makes himself more open for the conversation.]

( The next mission is going to be do or die. You might've heard that before but they're not going to bother coming back for us if we compromise it. I'm not telling you because you can't do it, I'm telling you because you can handle people screwing it up and getting them back in shape. At least, that's what it looks like to me. )

[That and, you know, he's got a soft spot for young girls and trying to protect them in some manner.]
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( That's good enough for me. Just be on the lookout. I don't need you holding anyone's hand but if you see anything off or about to hit the fan, find a way to get them to not screw it up. You don't seem to have a problem with telling people they're not doing well. )

[Said wryly. He'd trust her assessment a little more than some others, if only because her teenage attitude and credentials wouldn't leave a whole lot of space for mincing.

If anything, he can at least count on her to maybe tell a few people off to stop screwing it up.]

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