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WHERE: Station 72; Hyrypia - Naerstone House
WHEN: DAY :002 - :003
SUMMARY: New hosts hatch on the Station, are briefed, then make their way to Hyrypia to join the rest of the hosts… while they attend a very important history lesson.
WARNINGS: Will update as necessary. Need a warning added? PM this account please!

and are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers... )

+ another filthy teenager

Jul. 10th, 2017 02:03 am
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hey kids hey. i'm demi, and i heard y'all needed a diplomatic princess who could be persuaded towards planetary genocide for this most recent mission, and am thus very excited to bring in the one and only clarke griffin! she's a hot emotional mess just like the other kids from the 100, and also happens to be lexa and bellamy's low key one true love, and murphy's (insert vague hand gesture), so maybe some of you nice nest folk already have an idea of her! can't wait to dash those rose tinted expectations tbh

her only canon powers are miraculously balancing self righteousness with self loathing (also a doctor and general space child), but here she's been equipped with persuasion, aka jedi mind tricks. all the relevant info can be found in her permissions eventually THEY'RE THERE NOW, I ADDED THEM, and here's a handy dandy mental link post too. she was rudely interrupted from ~*~saving the world~*~ just before waking up so, uh...

alnitak bros (+ darkling + everyone else) i hope you are ready for a bit of a...rough...first this hatch log. she's gonna leak emotions like a broken faucet, it'll be gross.

feel free to add me @ [ profile] inb4circlejerk for all your plotting & excited screaming needs guys, i am so stoked to be here

+ 1 fake lord of the rings

Jul. 9th, 2017 04:54 pm
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Hey everyone!! My name's Melissa and I'm here with Mat Cauthon from the Wheel of Time book series. He's very loud and rude and will be terrible at maintaining mental boundaries, so I hope everyone is ready for a dose of pseudo-medieval nonsense.

Mat doesn't have any special abilities, but he does have millions of memories jammed into his head that will probably make mental links a weird ride. He's in Alnitak and you can find his information over here. His ability is power amplification, triggered by touch, so if anyone wants their character's powers to go haywire just hit me up.

You can find me at [ profile] awarewolf for plotting/chatter/etc. If that looks familiar, it's because I was here with Remus Lupin and did a bad job thanks to life and character stuff, but I'm psyched to be back and throw myself at the game. Looking forward to the hatch log!!

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Jul. 8th, 2017 11:24 pm
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Hi, it's Pax and I'm returning my character from the depths of slumberland.

For the newbies, I play the Darkling, from the Grisha Trilogy which is linked to the better? known Six of Crows Duology. He's a manipulative, awful creature who ripped a hole in reality, said "whoops, that was a bad idea" and faked his death for a couple of centuries while biding his time, waiting for the opportunity to arise so that he could take control of that rift in reality, control it and basically become a tyrannical king in order to protect and free his people.

He's insane. And very charming!

He's also part of Brood Gacrux, and is now awakening after a month? two-month? however long I was gone? slumber. He'll be grumpy, as you often are after oversleeping, and getting right back into the saddle because THIS MISSION CONTENT IS HIS SKILLSET.

You can reach me on Plurk at [ profile] forzare with questions, comments, concerns??? and anything else you might need.

( I missed you all!!! )


Jul. 8th, 2017 11:06 pm
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hello everyone! my name’s ida and i’m new like fresh baby smell. i’m bringing in ryohji kaji from neon genesis evangelion; kaji’s a suicidal triple spy / watermelon farmer / professional obfuscator. in a slight departure from evangelion tradition, he’s very good at hiding his Issues, so mostly he comes off as an exceedingly good-natured weirdo.

his symbiote ability is truth extortion/detection. he’ll be in brood alnitak; sorry in advance fellow broodmates i know you didn't ask for this.

his info/permissions is over here, and his mental link is over here. i just set up my plurk - please feel free to add me at [ profile] geofront! i’m so excited to be playing with you all.


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