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Name: Asuka Langley Soryu

Canon: Neon Genesis Evangelion, the TV show.

Age: Fourteen

Bio: Look, there's no way to really put this. Asuka's had a shit life. Right before she was born, the world got blown up by man's hubris and half the world's population died. Thanks to bullshit experiments, her mother went insane and then killed herself, leaving Asuka with a crippling sense of inferiority paired with the idea that she couldn't depend on anyone around her ever again. She ended up in training for a pilot program for NERV (a UN funded organization for the defense of humanity against Angels) and was selected as the pilot for Eva Unit 02, a giant robotic war machine and age fourteen was their ace pilot. Sounds great, right?

Except she got sent to Japan where she had to deal with strange people and an indifferent organization who saw her as little more than a resource to be used up in their crazy quest. She was forced (well, chose) to fight giant monsters in her giant robot and also dealt with a disintegrating social life, so that was fun. She had essentially one friend and eventually, trauma and general loss of confidence spiraled down into her completely losing her ability to pilot (with a dose of having her mind invaded as well) and then she went into a catatonic depressed state. At some point after that, the JSSDF moved in on NERV and people died and she managed to recover long enough to fight a bunch of creepy auto-piloted EVA units. She was winning until she wasn't and she ended up getting torn apart.

The Human Instrumentality happened and that was a trip and she woke up on a beach with Shinji Ikari strangling her. GOOD TIMES.

Also, link to her application here.


RHO - Getting Emotional
When activated, Asuka is able to affect the emotions of other living beings and creatures by inducing certain emotional states (and as a side bonus, can pick up on the emotional states of others with enough concentration). This can be positive or negative and may, at times, end up being associated with a particular person or object.

Level I
At this level, Asuka can induce basic emotional states on people: happy, sad, angry, etc. She's also a bit limited in how focused she can make it. It's typically just sort of a general mood shift and unless the other person is aware of her abilities or has experience with telepathic/mind manipulating powers, they will likely just rationalize it on their own or believe that they've been afflicted with mood swings. Range is limited to her touch. She has to concentrate to effectively pick up on the other person's current emotional state (if it's not obvious). She cannot direct the emotion AT anyone or anything, but she could certainly make suggestions the old-fashioned way. May only affect one person at a time. Usable once every twenty minutes.

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Chuuya Nakahara (COMATOSE)*

Asuka is a very traumatized girl. There are flashes of pain, anger, a lot of hatred at herself and the world around her. A certain sense of cynicism. Memories of fighting and piloting a giant robot. Memories of her mother. Memories of her mother's suicide. Memories of being torn apart in her Eva unit at the end of her final fight. Lots of bitter, confused emotions swirling under the surface. And if they try hard enough, they'll find an all-abiding fear of being unrecognized, unwanted, and rejected, paired with the determination that she's not going to let herself rely on people ever again.

People will just fuck you over.

Low-key angry most of the time. Or sad. Or both. Occasionally happy. Her mother's suicide might leak through if the topic of suicide ever comes up. Piloting her Eva is definitely a pre-occupation. Same with her death. The name "Kaji", "Shinji", and "Rei may feature.

-A mother's love
-The name "Kaji"
-The name "Shinji"

Physical Affection: Sure, but she might not react positively. She's likely to freeze up or hit someone.
Physical Violence: Sure, but she'll hit back. Probably hard.
Romance/Relationships: If you can get through to her, go for it. I'd be interested to see it happen.
Thread-jacking: Yes!
Back-tagging: Yes!
Fourth-walling: No!
Offensive Subjects/Triggers: Asuka will likely mention suicide, death, suicidal ideation, mass murder, depression, and anxiety.
Anything Else? Nad.